Executive Board

Pat Straney - Chairman


I am a lifelong conservative and registered Republican. Since leaving my formal career behind and moving to Oro Valley, Arizona from Michigan in November of 2004, I have made the switch to community-based activities volunteering my time and talents with several service organizations and serving as President of Rancho Vistoso Master Planned Community Association.  Shortly thereafter, I realized that to achieve my personal goal of being part of making our community the best that it can be, I had to get more active in the political process and increase my awareness of local, state and federal government activity. This quickly led to many meetings with elected officials and active support of candidates for election and ultimately running for election myself (Oro Valley Mayor).

I feel very strongly that to preserve the kind of life style that we all want, we must bring conservative principals and reform to many areas of government, from local up to the Federal level. To do my part, I will do my best to make LD #11 the most focused, effective and efficient political group in Arizona.

Kathleen Dunbar - 1st Vice Chair


I have been involved in the Republican Party since the day after Bill Clinton won his first presidential election. I became an elected PC and was voted Member-at-Large for the Pima County Executive Committee 1994 and Chaired Trunk ‘N Tusk (the fund-raising arm of the party). In 1997 as chairman for my district, we won the state award for the largest increase in precinct committeemen in a District. We boasted a 75% increase.
I won a seat in the Arizona House of Representatives in 1998. I observed that legislative vacancies were filled by the board of supervisors instead of by precinct committeemen who knew the districts and the people on a personal level. This was the first legislation I introduced. That law is still in effect today and I consider it one of my proudest accomplishments. The people who do the heavy lifting were given the responsibility and the honor in the selection process of their State Representatives. I was also an elected Member of the Tucson City Council.
Starting in the trenches taught me that it takes enthusiastic, dedicated precinct committeemen in the precincts, our districts, our cities, our state and throughout our country to provide the best representation. Good training, moral support and encouragement are also important to the process. My duty as 1st Vice Chair is for PC Recruitment and Retention. To this day, I love teaching people about our party and how to be involved.

Jane Stump-Green - 2nd Vice Chair


Professionally, my work included serving on the faculty of Tripler Army Medical School, Department of Psychiatry and the John A.  Burns School of Medicine, Department of Psychiatry, as well as Washington University Medical School. Other positions included serving as trainer, consultant, researcher and psychotherapist. I authored ten books and wrote a weekly column and numerous professional articles. 

Politically, I served as one of two elected Republicans in the state of Hawaii, chairing  the Hawaii Kai Neighborhood Board( i.e. city council ) for a period of four terms (8 yrs). I was also named honorary Hawaii Kai Mayor and received the Honolulu Mayor’s award for service, which included developing the now universally used co-response plan in which the local fire department responded to emergencies as well as the ambulance. 

Following a move to Saddlebrooke, I served as both President and Vice-President of Pinal County Republican Women and after moving to Oro Valley served as Vice-President of the Oro Valley Republican Women. I also served as President of the Saddlebrooke Republican Club for several years. Serving as secretary of the former Legislative District 10, I was named PC of the year. 

At the present, I am serving as Second Vice-President of Legislative District 11 with my tasks being to develop voter registration opportunities as well as report relevant news to the district. The motivation for my work within the party in Hawaii and Arizona involves a commitment to the principles of the party including: equal rights, equal opportunity, fiscal responsibility, national strength, keeping our citizens safe, returning power to the states and individual responsibility to care for and develop one's talents as well as aiding the disabled to do the same.

Mark Schmidt - 3rd Vice Chair


For most of my life I have had an interest and love for American Politics.  Having grown up in the Midwest, (Kansas City and Naperville, Illinois) I witnessed what can happen when governments are run well and when governments are run poorly.  After witnessing the nightmares created by Chicago machine politics, I learned at an early age the importance of an open mind and a conservative foundation.  Today, after spending the previous 30 years in the Hotel/Resort/Casino management industry, I had the opportunity to live all over the United States from Florida, Ohio, Texas, Iowa, Utah, California, New Mexico, Colorado, Louisiana, Connecticut just to name a few of the states.  Throughout these locations I tried to participate as much as I was able and learned the wide variety of open political systems around our nation.  This is one reason why I love living in Arizona – all citizens are encouraged to participate. While in Arizona, I have participated while living in Downtown Tucson, Cottonwood, Central Phoenix, and now here in NW Tucson.

 In 2015, I returned to Tucson to open a new business with family members and have been eager to see the Tucson Metro Area, move forward in a wide variety of areas.  In order for this to happen the political realities must be remedied.  At the same time I have witnessed the “leadership” and “vision” of our national leaders, state leader, and local leaders all but disappear.  For these reasons as well as the damage that I feel that many are trying to do to the national society, I am active and want to help develop and train leaders for the future.  I also feel that it is time to hold our elected representatives more accountable for their actions as well as lack of actions.  

Daniel Seifried - Treasurer


I am fortunate to reside in relaxed and sunny Southern Arizona after
living in California, Hawaii, Washington, and Colorado. As a Colorado
native living in Arizona, I enjoy the best of outdoors of both states
though lean heavily on the fact that golf is year-round in Arizona. I
am a registered Republican however heavily focused on small government
and candidates that are fiscally conservative yet get things done when
it comes to policy. As the rest of the nation is busy demonizing each
other, I am focused on working with all parties to make the best of my
local community. I enjoy working with community based organizations
and being part of these organizations that help the people and
communities of Southern Arizona. I am currently active with charities
that benefit children and Board member for the Rancho Vistoso Master
Planned Community Association working with commercial businesses.

I feel strongly that government works best when transparent checks and
balances are in place. It is up to citizens to be involved and work to
make the change necessary to combat out of control governmental bodies
that do not meet the challenges of our community and further our
Republic. My involvement includes, being a Precinct Committeeman in
Pima County Precinct 172, Treasurer of LD11, and a member at large for
the Pima County GOP.

 - Secretary - Paulette Stark


Paulette was the first female elected as trustee to the Town of Schererville, Indiana.  She served for 3 years as President of the President Utility Board; Vice-Pres Board of Zoning Appeals; and a member Planning Commission. Paulette was also a correspondent for The Times daily newspaper.  All of these were in Indiana.

In Arizona, Paulette was elected to two terms of the SaddleBrooke Board of Directors.  She was Chair of the Recreation and Safety Committee, former co-chair and current member Architectural and Landscaping committee, various offices in Women's Republican Club of Pinal County Chair Catalina Village Council (Pima County) and Republican Precinct Committee Person.


Mr. Pat Straney