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This map below shows the general location of the Oro Valley Public Library.  It is at the Oro Valley Public Library where we typically hold our monthly meetings.  Please note that our meetings are NOT ALWAYS at this location.  We post the locations on this site under the tab labeled LD11 Meeting Dates.  Typically the meetings are USUALLY the second Saturday of the month.  


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Here is a general listing of basic responsibilities of the Executive Committee to help give you an idea of who to contact in regards to different responsibilities.  When in doubt, please feel free to contact the webmaster and your request will be forwarded to the correct executive committee member.  

Special Requests:

To schedule or to be considered to speak, please contact Kathleen Dunbar at

To schedule or coordinate Voter registration activities, please contact Jane Stump Green at

For Website or Email Blast info, as well as general technology requests/inquiries, please contact Mark Schmidt at