Proceedings for Candidates and Campaigns for the 2018 Election Cycle


Election years are exciting and we always want to be fair and open to all Republican candidates running for office.  In addition, LD11 is implementing a structured policy for candidates based first on their office they are running for, second their schedule, and third offering time for elected officials.

To be fair, impartial, and concise, the Executive Committee of LD11 developed the following policy for all candidates in election year 2018.  It starts first with specific defined order:

     1)  Each calendar month will be designated for a specific race.  Priority will be given first to candidates in those                races, defined here as "Designated Candidates."

     2)  Second priority is given to "Non-designated Candidates" in each month and will follow, (if time allows), the                  priority designated candidates.  Mom-Designated candidates are candidates running for any office though                  wishing to speak in a month not designated to their race.  

     3)  Time will be allocated for "Elected Officials" per availability.

     4)  There will be a surrogate policy limited to the 2 minute "Good of the Order" time slots policy outlined below.

     5)  As always, there will be a 2 minute time allotment for the "Good of the Order" towards the end of the meeting.  


Letters will be sent to all candidates prior to the month of their race and follow up during the year.  We will give all candidates and team time to confirm their participation, which will be due eight, (8), days, (the week prior), to each LD11 monthly meeting.  Priority time is allocated first to "Designated Candidates," then to "Non-Designated Candidates," and "Elected Officials."  All time will be assigned based on the final number of speakers. 


Candidate surrogates are welcome and invited to attend, participate, and interact with all PC's and guests of LD11.  However, speaking priority is and will be given to the candidate running for office.  Surrogates will be assigned and scheduled to speak in the 2 Minute "Good of the Order."  Here they can communicate their message and then speak in detail with PC's after the meeting.  

Good of the Order Policy

Two Minutes speaking time is allocated for surrogate speaker and guests of LD11 that would like to mention their update, news, organization of event.  All time should be scheduled in advance with Kathleen Dunbar.  Any requests made on the day of the meeting, will be considered on a case by case basis.  


Designated Months for Races:

January               Arizona Governor & Secretary of State Candidates

February              Arizona Treasurer and Mining Inspector Candidates

March                   Superintendent of Public Instruction Candidates

April                      Corporation Commission Candidates

May                      United States Congressional Candidates

June                     United States Senate Candidates

July                       AZ LD 11 House Candidates

August                 AZ LD 11 Senate Candidates


To Schedule speaking opportunities; please contact Kathleen Dunbar at